Monday, June 27, 2011

Hey Its The Wellington Ladies Welfare League! At Trash Bar!!

June 18th, 2005 - WLWL play Trash Bar in Brooklyn New York. Heres Terrence


I forget this kids name. i think he moved to Germany or something.

kalamazoo bass

Noodle Boy sings.


Good Times.

Double Take Jake.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Oooh, Remember when We used to have Roof Parties?!?! June 12th 2005!

M bought the house in Greenpoint in the Spring of 2005. This i believe was our first rooftop party on June 12th 2005. The View was Incredible. The drinks, the food, the company - all unforgettable. I want to thank M for such a wonderful time. Everyone had a blast and will look back fondly on this time. I miss those days sometimes.
 Owner of the famous Roof in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY USA - june 12th 2005
M talks shop with Joe. Eric Dolan in the back.

Thats Jameson and his girlfriend (now wife) Christina. I also see Chris Sparks in the back there.
Dolan and I share some Potato salad
Sweeeet Joey Valentine. Hey, Its a Doggie on a Roof!! How CUUuuuutteee?!?
And Kim was there too! Is that Rock and Roll Leather Rachel in the background?
The Lovely Lydia! She bartended at Beauty Bar in Manhattan!
Just a bunch of friends hanging out. Lets see, Theres Aileen Tat, Aaron Lefkove, his gf, Darya Zhuk, her bf, Leather Rachel and her friend (bf?) Jake Noodle?
Jake Rat, Patty, Andy Curtain, Ryan Matthew Cohn, Aaron, Dolan, Bridgette!

Tristan hangin out on the Ledge
Ryan, Andy and Dolan discuss the current state of affairs.

Boy! I sure do miss those Roof Parties! They were SUCH FUN!!
Heres a wonderful view of the city, while Jake Noodle Boy lights one up!
Patty and Jake Rat. I heard they were the Dave Clark Five the other day. I used to love that band. Stalkers would cover Anyway You Want It! It was my favorite!
Good Good Times~!
Shutterbug Tristan and Joey Valentine

Its also 3 AM on June 14th. I cant sleep sooo i made this post.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Smashed Blocked! Beauty Bar NYC June 2005!

Smashed Blocked! Josh Djing
Jaiko dancin for the money. I like the kegs near her. Money, Booze and Boobs. What a good time!

Colleen - Lady Starlight - Just chillin at Beauty Bar

masha, Mike Sniper, Leah and Laura

Josh and Mike Sniper yukkin it up

I dont really know this guys name.

This was a very Beautiful girl. I dont know her name. but she was pretty hot. Thats all i know.

This is her leaving.

Ian - Some Action.

Bartender. Umm..... and her name isss.... umm... shit. i forgot.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 2005. Great Great Times!

Sooo now we are in June sooo i am uploading photos from June 2005. hope you like em. Please feel free to comment or correct me if i make a mistake. I forget names sometimes and i need your help. thanks.
Anna Copa Cabana - Dancing at Smashed Blocked - First Friday of June, 2005

Jaime and Lady Carrington of the Dansettes. At Smashed Blocked - Beauty Bar NY

Aaron and ... and... shit! i forgot her name. christine? no fuck! im sorry.

This is Buddy

This is Hank

Serge and Ryan, Chicken and Porn!

The Great and Spectacular View from - Greenpoint NY June 2005

Heres Masha and Ryan just chillin on our Roof.

Heres Ryan on our roof. The bags are the Soil we used to grow our wonderful flowers and herbs.

as soon as i got back from San Francisco, i went on the hunt for a jukebox. This was the first one i saw. it was on Box street right at the edge of Greenpoint Brooklyn. The loft changed my life. I think if i ever make a million dollars, or whatever, im going to live in that apartment. its 70 Box Street. My life wish from that point on is to live there. word.