Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fourth of July 2005 - Part II

This is M, her mom and her moms friend. Andy is in the back shooting fireworks.

Joe Babyc! Joe rules!
Arjie! I miss Arjie. We dont hang out much anymore. Shes great!
Happier Days
This was one KICK ASS Roof party!
Tristan Dolan Ronnie, Joe Jaime etc. etc. etc.
Remember when the Fireworks were on the East River? Le Sigh!!
Every Sailors Dream! The Nautical Sisters - Anna Copa Cabana, M and Melissa
Ry Guy & Noodle Boy
My Dear Mommie and my niece Bianca
The great Lawfirm of Lefkove, Goldshtein and Diamond. Hair included

Oh snap! its Andy Curtain, Maurice, josh styles, nick and sarah, etc.

Monday, July 25, 2011

our First Fourth of July (2005) on our new Roof!! Greenpoint NYC! FUN TIMES!

Everyone had a Blast! What a great great night!

Ever the gracious host. always accomodating, always wonderful.

Ryan explaining stuff.

Whoooohooo Sparklers!

A real American! Aaron Lefkove

Jasper, Nick

Andy Animal and Toni (first appearance i think)
Styles, Sebastian, Joe and Jaime

Heres Karina and her New Friend!

My awesome neice Bianca!

Ellen Stagg

STALKERS! Live at Niagras - Downstairs - July 3rd, 2005

Photos by M. Good good night.

Heres Breedlove and Lady Starlight - Singin it!

Hangin backstage at Niagras

Dont remember the name of the band, but they were all about mathematics.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mermaid Parade - Coney Island - NYC June 2005

Heres us at the mermaid Parade - June 25th 2005. New York City! Home of me!
Heres andy and his friend from Upstate.
the Truly Terrific - Melissa Anne
Ugly (Matt from the Mistakes)
I see this guy EVERYWHERE!! and his green haired dog.
Coney Island - Home of the Cyclone (I have yet to ride it)
Hey Look everyone - its congressman Anthony Weiner - shaking hands and kissing babies. I remember shaking his hand.
This is the Great Baroness! Abbey! She also used to write for some of my favorite smut magazines. and she has been doing a fetish party on the LES for many years! it was cool meeting her.
Mr. Jake Boyle and Andy hangin outside Rubys
Aaron Lefkove
Joshy Styles