Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stalkers First US tour Continued...

This was the next day after the Portland show. Josh in the morning!
Nice outfit dude!
Andy has some cake on his face. the show was insane. Andy threw cake at Gabe and the boys while they were playing. I forget whose birthday it was.
Nice Boys playing while Andy lights a newspaper and throws cake on everyone. Wild wild times!
Andy shows Tristan his appreciation. its not gay if you use a condom.
Mt. St. Tabor had this awesome venue. One part restaurant one part arcade one part stage. There was a black light room with all kinds of monsters on the walls. This was a poster in the restaurant. They treated us sooo good there. the food was amazing. What a good time! thanks you guys!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stalkers West Coast Part II

this is now Portland. We played with the Nice Boys! what a show! it was also incredibly amazing to see your name on a marquee! we went shopping at some vintage stores. t'was a good day.

Cool Ry
Someday my name will be in lights - saying Stalkers be Good tonight!
Josh reads from the book for the retarded
Dean liked to drink. he also likes cocaine.
money money money! I have no idea how we got soo much!
Aykut Alia and Okee (hidden) Seattle WA April 2005

We left momma a little present. Okee came over and fixed it. What a guy!
Suspicions play Comet Bar in Seattle Wa. What a good show! they were great! I had such a great time in Seattle! Thanks to everyone who made is special!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Stalkers Go On Their First Tour! April 2005

Ryan get ready to fly!
Holy Cow! Stalkers in Seattle Washington in the beginning of April 2005. We landed April 6th. Tried to sell our 45 at the local record shop. Waited for Mama Casserole to pick us up. It was a good day. We were soo stoked to be on the west coast playing Rock and Roll!

Arts and Crafts
Oh i love airplane rides with these doooooods! always a good time!
Jimi Hendrix statue!

The Troubadour

I love this.

Post Show at Trash.
Trash bar photos were taken by Masha P. This was our last show before going on tour. April 2005

April 2005

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Smashed Blocked April 2005

Smashed Blocked - Beauty Bar New York City April 2 2005

Melissa and Jaico (sp?)
Anna Cabana shows off her Killer Boots!
Melissa - Beauty bar - April 2, 2005
DJ Josh Styles - Beauty bar April 2005
Rons Birthday - Smashed Blocked April 2005
Andys new Leotard. Sexy Sexy man

Friday, April 22, 2011

Another folder March 2005

Vampire wine? yup

Tristans Birthday March 22nd(?) 2005

Stalkers 2005 mid march

Andy and Joey Valentine. Incredible drummer! one of the best!
Andy animal
union Pool? Mid March 2005
tristan in the studio
Styles on Drums
'Ello Keef!

March 2005

I can't remember the name of this venue. WLWL and Mistakes! Great Great Show!

I just like the expression on his face. Matt Mistake
Mistakes Mid-March 2005 Venue unknown (for now)

jake Noodle boy lays it down
WLWL mid-march 2005
The Great Matt of the band Mistakes from PA (?!?) to Bushwick NY!