Monday, April 4, 2011

2004 Again!

So this is us coming home from Little Stevens Underground Garage Fest! I saw Bo Diddley share a stage with Nancy Sinatra, The New York Dolls and The Stooges! Great Day!
The Iguana with Ron Ashton, Scott Ashton and Mike Watt!
Alanah Amram! Andy Animal! yeeeeaaahhh!
Bo knows!
1977? Nope. 2004!
Give me Tiger Face!
Ok Rockettes! Do your thing!

this is whats called a Germ Burn. its given by someone from the Germs then that person can give it to his bandmate. It all makes sense! I know when I hate my job, and im sittin at my desk, wondering how i got myself into this mess, i look down at my left wrist and remember that i am still a punk, no matter where i work, im PUNK!

This is the Nagg playing WFMU studios in Jersey. The guitar player Brian put out our record on his record label Dollar Record Records. We played a few shows together, some on the west coast too.
Lucite Danelectro Guitar! how cool is that?

Ok thats enough for tonight. Hope you likes.

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