Sunday, April 3, 2011

Monday Monday...

Monday monday, so good to meee...

heres some photos!
Bergen Street and Bedford - 2004

Andy Animal w. Sky Saxon singing Gloria!
Edgar! My Peruvian Prince!!
Later that night...

So December 2004, Stalkers went upstate to Andy Martins house to record a few songs for our LP. We were gonna record 4-5 songs. it was a really nice studio and the songs came out nice. Tonto tickling the ivories
Andy Martin. Great Guy! This was his studio in Upstate NY. his house was on Abbey Road. Cool huh? He was really smart and well spoken. His house smelled of Rich Mahogany!
Laying down some Meat and Potatoes Riffage!
Le Batterie! My Rhythm brother hittin the skins!
Andy (Martin) had a BIG ASS DOG!! it was a mastiff. You can't really tell from this picture but that dog was HUGE!
Shootin Stuff
Hunters Breakfast

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