Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And Thats That!

August 21st, 2005. Apocalypse Lounge. Alphabet City, New York. Summer 2005.
The Time Flys played, the Rats played and Stalkers too.

This is me with a random dude. i looked and felt soooo bad ass here. i made this porn shirt that was extremely vulgar. To complete the look, i had shades at night and a button that said "I Heart Being Black". I really dont know what the hell i was thinkin. But, i look back at this outfit fondly.
This was an all out, free for all jam. Andy Jordan on guitar, Josh Styles, Professor 3000, Erin, Dolan all played a drum. Andy played Bass. It was a like a drum circle, but with punks in a sweaty basement.
Erin Emslie and Professor 3000. i think thats his name.
More Punk Drum Cicle
Eric and Layla dance to the Rockin rhythm.
Andy plays Carlos Bass. Awesome Gibson EB bass
These two dudes came out of NOWHERE! They had hair below their nipples. They just got shirtless and started HeadBanging. the Cooooolest Headbanging session i have EVER seen! It was quite a sight with these two. METAAALLL
Masha, Arjie and Serge check out a cool lighter.
Eric Pooped from all the dancin and whatnot.

this is us "just hangin out"

This was a bartender. Or i think another actress. I forget.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time Flys fly into New York City! w. the Rats @ Apocalypse Lounge Bar 2005Part I

Sooo Mid-late August, Andy, Eric, Peter and Erin come to New York City. First show was in the Basement of the Apocalypse Lounge down in alphabet city. i think it was 4th Street btwn Avenue A & B. Supposedly there was a porn shoot that was suppose to happen than night. Wild times! Here is Eric after the gig.
Takin it easy
Andy Jordan and Erin Elmsley. Good peeps
Eric takin the low road to stardom
Peter and Eric.
Layin down on the job again.

Jonny Monster, Masha and Melissa. Smokin!
jess and Diana from the Weekends (or big fun)
Lefty Lefty Lefty! I love you dude! We had some good times. It was always fun to watch you play. You kick ass dude.
The Rats! Jakey, Lefty and Snakes on drums
Walkin to the show.

The Rats - New York City Rock and Roll

Jakey Lee
Joshy takes a break
I got this bb gun and we had some great shoots on the roof. good times.
Jaime and Tristan on the roof. Hangin before the show.
Joe cooking up a storm.
The Time Flys - writing a set list before the show. hangin at our greenpoint house.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smashed Blocked! Beauty Bar NYC July 2005!

Anna Copa Cabanna - Showing her love to me, Smashed Blocked! Beauty Bar July 2005.

Anna and Lady Starlight - Ramones Style
Lets see, its the green haired girl, kevin Wizzard, Alanah Amram, and the Spaniard Luizzzz

Tristan shows us his professional tongue. Joey Valentine and Joe share a moment by the bathroom.
the Bangs - Melissa Anne and Masha P
Correne, Melissa and Masha. I see Lucille and Vic too. Must have been a Rockabilly night at Slipper Room - July 2005
Dancin the Night Away
El Shutterbug - Joe BaBug

I forget his name, but this shirt ROCKS!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Same night - STALKERS @ Trash Bar - July 2005

This was a GREAT SHOW! Everyone was there. People started singing the song Let's Get It Together at this point. People got on stage. Mayhem. It was a good time for us.

Hester Sunshine
The Shadows, Murat and Dolan singing the chorus.
Maurice, Brenda, The Baby Shakes, Judy, Mary, Breedlove

Aaah good times. Its hard to remember all the shows. its even hard to remember a lot of them. Its good to have photos from these years. Thanks Masha for taking the photos. I am greatly indebted to you for shooting the shows for me and for us.
Andy Animal
Ryan, Animal, & Tristan
Come On COME ON!!
Word. I looked good back then. univox hollowbody bass.
Ryans Guitar after the show. Univox Luicite guitar. How cool?

Tonto! Get on it!
Hey Ry Guy! nice move there Johnny