Monday, August 15, 2011

Same night - STALKERS @ Trash Bar - July 2005

This was a GREAT SHOW! Everyone was there. People started singing the song Let's Get It Together at this point. People got on stage. Mayhem. It was a good time for us.

Hester Sunshine
The Shadows, Murat and Dolan singing the chorus.
Maurice, Brenda, The Baby Shakes, Judy, Mary, Breedlove

Aaah good times. Its hard to remember all the shows. its even hard to remember a lot of them. Its good to have photos from these years. Thanks Masha for taking the photos. I am greatly indebted to you for shooting the shows for me and for us.
Andy Animal
Ryan, Animal, & Tristan
Come On COME ON!!
Word. I looked good back then. univox hollowbody bass.
Ryans Guitar after the show. Univox Luicite guitar. How cool?

Tonto! Get on it!
Hey Ry Guy! nice move there Johnny

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