Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween 2005 - The Rockabilly Sessions & Stalkers @ Slipper Room

Halloweeen 2005 - We were gonna be a couple of greasers. We all got dressed up. t'was awesome! We played the slipper room in LES. we played a few rockabilly covers. Good show!
M fixes the Quaff
Ryans ready to go!

On our way to the show, we hit a huuuuge pot hole on Meeker and Marcy. and our tire blew. Man! we had such a hard time getting those tires off! But it was a funny scene. Halloween, a bunch of greasers fixin their van.

M and Melissa.

The BEST Corpse Bride costume EVER! Noone could top this! M did it Big and did it Best!
Nice Chops! Not.
Hey McFlyyy!
Layla as Manson chick - Susan Atkins!

We played the Slipper Room. We opened with Something Else by Eddie Cochran. Other songs included Shakin all over and Summertime Blues.
Styles on the Drums
The Ever Cool, Ever Chic - Joe Babic!
Johnny Thunders called, Wants his look back.
Fuck, we were good!

Sara Turner and Toni. I think i met the great and wonderful Toni Debuono! My life has been brightened by your presence. You are awesome and amazing! Soo happy to have met you! Who else would look this cool as Ace?
Sara Gage and someone
This was pre-show.

My mom in Europe. I just found these in the same folder.

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