Sunday, October 16, 2011

Garth Clark Gallery Christmas Party - Dec. 9th 2005

Sooo i can't currently find any pics from November. ill just skip ahead to December 9th 2005. We had a lovely Christmas Party from Garth Clark Gallery where M was working.
Garth and Mark are incredible hosts and wonderful people. They also have really great people around them. This is us exchanging gifts. There was cake too. Im really sorry, but i dont remember some of the names. i feel really bad, but i haven't seen or spoken to them in a while.
So i apologize.

M talks to Kelems girlfriend. i forget her name.
Mark Del Veccio (spelling?)
Garth stuck.
Garth and Mark.

This is Osvaldo Da Silva and his friend Robert.

Garth, Mark,

Lovely Red Satin shoes.

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