Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stalkers Recording Continued... and Sara Turners Party Sept. 30th 2005

Back at the studio, me, Andy and Josh finish up the vocals at Mitchs studio in downtown manhattan, chinatown NY. We sometimes make stuff to kill some time. here, josh made one of his famous tape of penis sculptures.

Andy Animal
And we wait.
Would have been better if you did this, like, YESTERDAY!!
Josh sips his Hot Toddy

Ready? SING
Kim on our roof. I remember having numerous heartattacks seeing Buddy on the ledge there. it was one of the first times we let him up there.
Dolan Sara and Me.

this is Sara and her sister i think. I forget names.
Sara and her dog. name escapes me.

Murat, Dolan and Ryan
Andy Curtain

Sara Turner and her friend Laura Craft.
one of the many sunset from our roof in greenpoint
thats right. its me. Bass player extraordinaire, laying down those heavy grooves.
mitch is bored and annoyed with us as usual. best producer we ever had. Mitch Rakin is one fine ass knob turner button pusher.

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