Monday, May 30, 2011

WLWL @ The Frying Pan out on Chelsea Piers in New York City!

Wellington Ladies Welfare League - May 26th - 2005. The Frying Pan - which was a boat and had a bar. the boat was docked at Chelsea Piers and they had outdoor shows. This was from the boiler room of the boat. pretty cool place.
Terrence, Jake, Masha and Flo

The ever cool Masha

Jake lights one up. He was a really great Front man. he gave it his all! lots of soul in him.

Terrence, Jake, Masha and Flo. May 26th, 2005. Photos taken at the Frying Pan in Chelsea piers

This was right after the show.


I always love it when singers light up. You can do it in New York if its part of your "act". Soo cool!

Who doesn't love Pirates? Pirates are Fuckin Cool!

Porn Con. May 21st 2005

Sooo me serge, ryan, kim and chris when to a porn convention on May 21st, 2005. Theres a lot of trashy people. some sickos, pervs and the like. I never felt more at home. HA!

Serge taking photos of me. The photo came out pretty good.

Mmmmm.... Sylvia Saint

Checkin out the dirty wares

Girls will do anything for attention

Serge and Ryan

No idea who this is. She probably fucks for money. Im pretty sure of that.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Shakes, Stalkers @ CakeShop 2005

Mary & Judy

Mary & Claudia

Mike Sniper, Moi, Gatlan and Sara from the Little Killers!

I think i look pretty cool here.

Andy pre-show face stretches.

And He Sings!

And Sings!


Tristan - Guitar

Yeah,... so that was the show. Not bad. I like Cakeshop. Records, Coffee, Rock and roll!

More from some Action show. May 2005

This is from the same Some Action show. Probably Acme Underground or Midway. Not Sure. May 15, 2005

This is Kim and Chris. Two of the coolest people i ever met. I have the Dodge Dart because of them. and I can't thank them enough!

And of course, The Girls. Mary Judy Claudia. Baby Shakes.

Erin from Wekenders (probably Big Fun at this point), Baby Shakes and Murat


Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 2005 - Part Deux

Some more Some Action shots. Not sure of the venue. May 2005
Great show!

Some action shows usually ended this way. Nudity and homo-eroticism! Ian is a beautiful man!

Ethan Sure can Play!!

The Great Gatlan!


Hey Ma! Look what i caught!

The Glorious Plaza Hotel in NYC

Central Park NYC

Some New York Architecture

Ryan and Tristan. Guitar Heroes!

Thats Leah, Masha, Moi, Not Sure, Aaron from Electric Shadows. Probably outside Niagras

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 1-14 2005. Wanna see shenanigans?

Soooo its May 2005, Spring is in the air. I saw Some Action. This was one of my early Band Photos that i tried to take. professionalism goes right out the window with these guys. Great fuckin band! i saw these guys before i was in Stalkers. They really had a profound affect on me. Ian was one of the best frontmen i ever saw. Zack played like Keith Moon. And MAN could he hit hard. Ethan and Gatlan kick ass.
You go Ian!


This is David Barth. i worked with him at the Architecture company. Building Survey Corp. I was the office manager. I learned a lot from working with David. he was a good Male influence on my life.

David Barth

Electric Shadows with Andy

Masha and Ryan had the same Jackets. They were cool!

Georgie and Laura. DJing at Niagras

Leah Legosi at Niagras - May 2005

Josh and his JB

Weird looking at photos from the same time (May) but 6 years ago. I saw Some Action Sooo many times. Great band! Great Guys!