Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 1-14 2005. Wanna see shenanigans?

Soooo its May 2005, Spring is in the air. I saw Some Action. This was one of my early Band Photos that i tried to take. professionalism goes right out the window with these guys. Great fuckin band! i saw these guys before i was in Stalkers. They really had a profound affect on me. Ian was one of the best frontmen i ever saw. Zack played like Keith Moon. And MAN could he hit hard. Ethan and Gatlan kick ass.
You go Ian!


This is David Barth. i worked with him at the Architecture company. Building Survey Corp. I was the office manager. I learned a lot from working with David. he was a good Male influence on my life.

David Barth

Electric Shadows with Andy

Masha and Ryan had the same Jackets. They were cool!

Georgie and Laura. DJing at Niagras

Leah Legosi at Niagras - May 2005

Josh and his JB

Weird looking at photos from the same time (May) but 6 years ago. I saw Some Action Sooo many times. Great band! Great Guys!

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