Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stalkers Go To Cali! Good Times!

STALKERS in San Francisco California!
The pictures are out of order. but this is our first trip to California in April 2005.
We met some of the greatest people i've ever met. Apache - Man the Myth, Chuck, Andy Jordan, some great bands - The Cuts, The Time Flys. i met the love of my life - a Wurlitzer Jukebox. changed my life. anyway here are the photos.
The Great Apache!
Ryan at the BBQ. I just remember what a good time this was. Everyone was just hangin out and drinking and talking bullshit. This was the day after the show.
ok, i miss those clothes. my Suede Creeper-sneakers. My tight pants, my James Dean Jacket. oh maan i wish i still had them. My Univox bass w. strap locks. i miss that bass.
the only thing i still have is my Caspian Star Caviar shirt (amazing!)
Guitar Brothers
Bo Guitar?
The ride home after the show. ampm
This was the Warehouse party we went to and played. it was awesome! such a good show. We totally rocked! i remember playing the Ramones cover and the place went ape-shit.
The Cuts
This is the first picture i took in California. Someone put on the Wurlitzer jukebox and we all started dancing. it was sooooo coool. I had to have one from that point on.

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