Saturday, May 7, 2011

San Fran Dancing Days

April 11th we went to San Francisco. We played with the Flakes whos drummer is the legendary Russell Quan (of The Mummies!!) It was really cool hanging with him!
After the show we hit a great bar where Garrett of the cuts was Djing - he was playing THE BEST MUSIC I EVER HEARD! Oldies all night long! Man what a night! certainly a magical day! we danced till dawn. Good Good times!
Shake it Andy!
Best Buds!
Oh man! I love it when we dance to oldies!
Now it Goes Like This!

aaaah yes.
Two of my favorite drummers in the whole world - Josh and Russell
yeah thats a monkees shirt!
time flys were incredible as usual! Erin was awesome! andy peter. wow sooo good!
The ever Sexy Ever Sensuous Jordan

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