Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Brief History of 2011 in Photos - Part I (End of 2011)

Here are some of the best of 2011. Here we are playing My Home Town! Coney Island Brooklyn NY USA!! It was a Great night! Cha-Chas on the boardwalk was closing and we were honored to play its last show. Pretty Quick, Daddy Long Legs, White Mystery and Stalkers played. Twas a Fun Night!

YES thats me and the Legendary Lenny Kaye! AWESOME!! This was a benefit for for someone or something and it had to do with the Ramones. Thunderfucks played. We RULED!!

This was at Zebulon! Lefty Bones played a solo set.
Sophie Thunder spins some records.
pretty Quick Played

Mike and Adam. Dudez.
Adam Fithian
Ryan Matthew Cohn and Girlfriend.
The Boys - Lefty and Avi Spivak
Breedlove performs.
Carolyn Curtis
me and Danny Song hangin
Tough Shits play Saturday night (October 30th - 2011)

Dottie goes for a wash!

I went to Exxxotica - Porn Con in Edison New Jersey Nov. 2011. This is Karen Kougar. She was very nice.

This was a Dancer. I dont remember her name. sorry
THE AMAZING Stoya! Shes so beautiful. She signed my hand.
and the Beautiful Justine Joli. She was with Ellen Stagg.
Seymour Butts. nice guy.
Gianna Michaels

Exxxotica 2011 Edison New Jersey
Dinos Boys play Charleston - Nov. 2011

Sorceress play Lone Wolf - Bushwick Brooklyn. Nov. 2011
Stoya's signature. this was all the same day.
Charlie of the Thunderfucks rides in my car. with ears.
Rachael Leathers Thanksgiving Party (I think)

sensuous candle sniffer - Andy Animal
Me and Sarina
This is called a "Shotgun"
The Lovely Brian and Toni
Asian #1 and Asian #2 - hahaha
whoohooo! Me and my hero - BINK!! (Tom Keeney!!) Such a Magical night!
Cyril, Andy Shernoff (Half Face) Miriam and Billy of Norton Records, and Roy Loney
Me with Cyril Jordan, Mick Collins and Tom Keeney! Backstage at Nortons 25th anniversary Concert - Bell House Brooklyn, NY 2011

Set of 4 Photobooth Photos by Me. Tara, Toni, Masha and Melissa

Tom and Cyril

My Family
Thanksgiving at our house - Cattans, Goldshteins and Spivaks.
How good does this turkey look?

this is my Mom and my Sisters Husband Jon. My mom turned 75 on November 28th, 2011. This was her party at Cafe Paris in Brighton Beach Brooklyn NY
aaah the Family! Me, my sister Ella, my two nieces Bianca and Karina and My mom. The Women of my life. I love you always and forever! xo
Dec. 4th, i was walking to get a burrito and fell over a car jack. it was dark and cold, i had my hands in my pockets and i just tripped and fell. Chipped the main one pretty bad. Terrible day.

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