Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2006!

Valentines Day 2006! New York City!
Heres the Stalkers with Bushwick Ron
Stalkers and Breedlove!

The Marvelous Melissa Anne! Tony Rock and Rolla, Melissa, Andy Animal and Caleb Bratten
Missy, her friend and Katey
The Bangs - Melissa and M

The great photographer Ellen Stagg and Bar owner Michael Stewart
Ry Guy
Layla and Josh
Aahhh YES! The Girls and Stalkers - L-R, Missy, M, Forget her name, Me, Patty, Melissa, Tristan, Ryan, Layla, Renata, Josh, Alana Amram, Asian Chick, Molly, Toni, (animal somewhere), and Breedlove! Wow! Good Times!!

This was the Whipping Booth. Ellen, Animal and Toni
Renata, Handsome Will and Mr. Mrs America (Greg)
Homer, Tony and Caleb
Preciousness. Hank & Buddy!

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