Friday, May 13, 2011

Oooh LA! U SUCK!... but then you RULE!

Tristan at the Merch table. We played The DragonFly in Los Angeles CA. What a crappy place!
There was noone at the show but our Manager Tony RockandRolla (RIP btw). We played to an empty room in the middle of the day. i think the show started at like 4pm or something. Shit show.

Tony RockandRolla! He really was the first to believe in us. He set up the tour and everything.
Really a great guy!

it was that kind of a show. when noone watches, you kinda just wanna have fun.
Josh was soooo good this whole tour. amazing drummer!
Andy sings it for noone.

I guess all these photos were taken by Tony. I really wish i could tell him thank you.

Soooo this was the next night. We played in Silver Lake Lounge in Los Angeles CA. Forgot the name of the place. Cuts, Time Flys, Stalkers and i think Alana Amrams band The Fame played. Good times! Great show. Time flys really killed it. hangin in the parking lot. Ooooh i remember i forgot the keys in the van at this point. Triple AAA saved my ass! yeah. shit happens.
Heavy Metal Parking Lot
War Wounds

Cuts. more photos soon.

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