Monday, May 30, 2011

WLWL @ The Frying Pan out on Chelsea Piers in New York City!

Wellington Ladies Welfare League - May 26th - 2005. The Frying Pan - which was a boat and had a bar. the boat was docked at Chelsea Piers and they had outdoor shows. This was from the boiler room of the boat. pretty cool place.
Terrence, Jake, Masha and Flo

The ever cool Masha

Jake lights one up. He was a really great Front man. he gave it his all! lots of soul in him.

Terrence, Jake, Masha and Flo. May 26th, 2005. Photos taken at the Frying Pan in Chelsea piers

This was right after the show.


I always love it when singers light up. You can do it in New York if its part of your "act". Soo cool!

Who doesn't love Pirates? Pirates are Fuckin Cool!

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