Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sooo another Suicide Sunday

Another sunday night. Just finished cooking soem Garlic Fries, Sauteed Broccoli and some Beef Stif Fry. Total food coma status. Tried to fix me jukebox last night to no avail. Tomorrow is Passover. Looking forward to it.
So anyway, here are some more photos.

This was the afterparty after the Lit show. Good Good times.

Lady Starlight and Ry Guy
Melissa and the Bartender from Beauty Bar. Damn it! I forget her name!
Jonni! of Jonni and the Monsters! i miss her, haven't seen her in AGES!
Maurice! what happened to this guy?? Good man.
Ryan and Andy - Lit Lounge January 2005 - Photo by M
Lit Lounge - January 2005 - Photo by M
do you think the bass takes away from the vocals? You heard the man, Turn the Bass down. Ha!
Josh Styles drinks a cold one in the basement of Mitch's Studio in Chinatown NYC January 2005

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