Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday Night Photos

Its after 1am. im uploading photos for your enjoyment.
Weekenders played with Jay on Bass.
Electric Shadows played that night too. All our friends were there. Feb. 2005
Ryan and the White Guitar i borrowed from John. looked great!
This was a great show! Titties downstairs, Stalkers Upstairs. Cant go wrong. Ryan on Guitar PussyCat Lounge Feb. 2005
WLWL at Pussycat lounge Feb. 2005
Shin Dig! Jan 2005
Andy was Hot that night! We tore shit up!
Le Batterie

i dont no what i was thinking either.
Stalkers played at this party called Shin Dig. The Sexy Magazines headlined. Most of them were Aldo Shoe models at the time. There were a lot of pretty people Everywhere! the place got all hot and steamy. We played and it was On! We Rocked soooo fuckin hard! I want to thank Masha for taking some Great Shots! everyone looks cool as shit! this is Jan/Feb. 2005
Josh at home
Hangin out on cold snowy night outside of niagras (i think)- Feb. 2005
Hey! Its Melissa!!

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