Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last of 2004. What a good year!

Wellington Ladies Welfare League (Heathers anyone??) Trash Bar - Fall 2004
Halloween 2004 - Union Pool
Stalkers at Union Pool - Halloween 2004
We got paid like $1000 to play this party. it was some kind of Corporate event. Anna Cabana and Lady Starlight danced for us. Strange show. End of October 2004
Niagras Bar - LES NY 2004
Hula Hoop Harlot Melissa. Im sooo glad she still Hula Hoops. Melissa Rules!
Greenpoint - Summer 2004

This was the night 19 people got out of the H2 Band Van. Love that Ford Aerostar! What a night! This was in front of Rififi on E. 10th Street - August 2004
Joe and Jaime Dancin the Night away!

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