Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesdays Blues and Workin Mans Worries

Im off today. Searching for lifes answers on the world wide web!
Heres some photos
Stalkers - West Side Highway. August 2004
I loved this cause a) it was my idea and b) i got to be Dead Paul
Josh goes easy on the booze

Sing It Girl!

Some Action Niagras Downstairs - December 2004

Murat - Electric Shadows - Knitting Factory (NYC) August 2004
Stalkers 2004

Melissa and Mark Niagras - Fall 2004
Matt from the Mistakes - Summer 2004
Andy and Josh Shenanigans at Niagra Bar Downstairs. Good times.
This is my fore into Fashion Photography. This is like that high school photography/fashion class project. I've come a loooong way! December 2004

Siberia Bar w. Sky Saxon
Sky Saxon and Stalkers at Siberia Bar Oct. 2004

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