Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stalkers West Coast Part II

this is now Portland. We played with the Nice Boys! what a show! it was also incredibly amazing to see your name on a marquee! we went shopping at some vintage stores. t'was a good day.

Cool Ry
Someday my name will be in lights - saying Stalkers be Good tonight!
Josh reads from the book for the retarded
Dean liked to drink. he also likes cocaine.
money money money! I have no idea how we got soo much!
Aykut Alia and Okee (hidden) Seattle WA April 2005

We left momma a little present. Okee came over and fixed it. What a guy!
Suspicions play Comet Bar in Seattle Wa. What a good show! they were great! I had such a great time in Seattle! Thanks to everyone who made is special!

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