Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Sunday Photos. 2005 Continued

stalkers and Buddy - Photoshoot shot by my good friend Sergio Royzen. He was the first photographer I ever met. He also taught me how to play guitar to some degree. Thank dude! you can see his work with Ryan Cohn here: . Really great photography. anyway...


me and Andy. HA! Look at that hair!
Photoshoot w. Stalkers by Sergio Royzen - Greenpoint Feb. 2005
Joe B. at Zara Feb 2005
Andy chats with Alabama BlackSnake - Delancey bar downstairs - Feb. 2005
Masha took a lot of the photos from early Stalkers shows. Here are some good ones.
Ryan joins Stalkers - Crash Mansion 2005
Stalkers Crash mansion - Feb. 2005 Photo - Masha
Lefty joins in on the Chorus
Lady Starlite and Lefty at Stalkers Show Dancing - Feb. 2005
Masha and Alana Feb. 2005

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