Sunday, April 3, 2011

total amount Ten years worth of Photos = $0.00


SO i have something I would like to discuss. about 10 years ago I started taking photos of my friends, girlfriends and bands. I probably estimate the number of photos i've taken over the last ten years is in the tens of thousands. I also began taking photos of my more friends, touring with the Dtalkers, gatherings , BBqs, weddings, art openings, protests, concerts, etc.

But ive never made a single penny off my photos. I would like to know, what can I do with these photos to make money? They aren't fine art (whatever that is) - I mean, who wants to see Andy Animal singing Earth Angel w. Sky Saxon? Can I get like a dime for this? heres a photo of the Black lips when i saw them in a basement in Brooklyn.

So yeah, How do i get paid for this? Anyone wanna relive 2002-2010 for a nominal fee?

Ok. till I figure it out, im just gonna upload photos here.

Weekenders circa April 2004
Weekenders at Boogaloo Lounge (now called Duffs in Brooklyn) april 2004
Tim from the Mistakes. popped his snare drum. Great Drummer, Great Band. 2004
Josh Styles, Andy Animal and Breedlove May 2004 at Niagras.
same night.

Stalkers Halloween Night 2004 at Niagras

Will send more photos when I feel like it. Till then enjoy. Last one.


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