Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ok. More 2004

this is the last of 2004. Will be workin on 2005 next!
Electric Shadows Summer 2004
Noodle Boy doing what he does best!
This band was from Florida. Forget the name but they had Dogs in the title. They were baaad ass and they all had attitude. The drummer was egging Andy while we were playing and Andy had to go beat the shit out of him. Broke his face. I remember there was a camera light on his face as Andy was pummeling his face into the concrete. Ill never forget that no matter how much i try. Tommys Tavern Greenpoint Brooklyn - Summer 2004
Halloween at Niagras 2004
Josh Styles in Chinatown outside recording studio. 2004

Masha and Bowling ball.

ok thats it for now. Hope you like it.

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