Sunday, November 27, 2011

Suicide Sunday - Random pics from 2011

Sunday night. watching football. I thought i'd upload some pics from earlier this year. Enjoy!


Daddy Long Legs @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn, NY
Yanki takes a bite at the Yankee game
The Dudes of the Castle.

Ronald Stanley Andryshak
The Stalkers
Dave and Liana
This is from the Thunderfucks show.
Stir Fry Face

Cold Day on the Roof
El Darto
stalkers @ Glasslands

From the Stage
Spicy Garlic Buffies

Tough Shits @ Parkside Lounge - NYC


Baxx Sisi's
Brian Daddy Long Legs

Andy Shernoff, Murat and Anita
Fridge full of beer. Good times.
Museum on corner of Grand and Havemeyer
Chick in Car.

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