Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TontoBowl 2006! SuperBowl Party 2006

This was the second year we had a Super Bowl Party. The snacks were made, the people came. We also watched Kickball - of course. Anyway, this was the first poster for the event.
This is Tristan Lowery. He was supposed to make food for everyone but didnt.
Art lighting one up on the roof.
Everyone is Glued to the TV. I wonder what they are watching...
Aaron Lefkove, Ryan Cohn, Josh Styles, Masha, Matt Goldpaw, girl i dont know, Art, another girl i can't remember her name, Eric Dolan. Also at the party but not pictured, Melissa Anne, Andy Animal, Joe and Jamie Babic, Ellen Stagg and Tristan.
Anthony Mammal

Leah and Toni! Greatest Roomies Ever!
Josh Styles Spins at Smashed! Blocked! Beauty Bar New York City NY
Renata, Josh Styles and Anna Copa Cabana
Masha lookin Twice as nice!

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