Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2nd Post - Update

Hello everyone out there in Interweb Land!

Sooo as of last Thursday - December 17th, 2009 - I got a new job! I now work for a maid service that caters to the needs of local New Yorkers. Mmmmm....MAIDS!! HOT eh?

so i left my other crappy job. New York Spring water will never be the same with out me... NOT! It was a learning experience but with my 10 years of bookkeeping experience i dont think I should be handing out Samples of Vitamen water in an arctic supermarket climate. Sooo i'll be ringing in the new year with a new job and a better paycheck. Thank the lord for that one.

Im still broke. Just got back from INDIA! thats right...INDIA! I spent a wonderful time with my lovely Lady Soule! We stayed at the nicest hotels and houseboats. Thats right, HOUSE BOAT! It was spectacular! We sailed the backwaters, we ate and drank, took photos of the locals, rode bikes, took tuk-tuks, buses, trains - we did it all! Had such a good time. We were there for the wedding of Anjena and Tushar! A Christian Wedding down south in Kerala then up in Mumbai for the Hindi Wedding. Great times!

While i was gone, Stalkers played with Todd Martin of the Ex-Humans in my place. he did a great job replacing a Hairy Chested Jew.

We got a huge snow storm here in NY over the weekend. We played to a packed venue at Bruar Falls - in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the cold and snowy weather. I thought i would play to an empty room. Thanks to the Customers for letting us use your shit. greatly Appreciated!

ok. Tonight i have Tracy Reeses annual Christmas Party where me and Yanki will be spinning today HOTTEST Tracks!

Till next time

Chi Chi Bananas

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