Wednesday, September 28, 2011

August 2005 - Time Flys @ WFMU, Niagras, & WLWL

Soo i guess i missed a few folders. I found August 7-17th 2005. Lots of Time Flys shows, lots of WLWL shows, Electric Shadows. I mean, thats what we did. We hung out with bands coming into town. Good shows. Heres Andy and Josh outside of WFMU Studios in New Jersey.

Time Flys outside show

I had SUCH a great view! right above the studio there was a space to sit. Me josh and andy sat up there. The Time Flys played for us and Terry Cherryblossom. She was delighted to have them on her show. Stalkers never played, were never asked.
Eric Johnson
And the Kick It!
This is one of my favorite photos. Not just of Josh, but as far as photos go, i really did something good here.
Thats us above the Booth. Awesome!
Whatchoo looking at? HA!
I guess this is back at our house in greenpoint. I remember how itchy my beard was here. I've been itching it all day. Andy, Andy Jordan and me.
Backstage at Niagras
M and Erin
Great Shot!
This is what i've been dreaming about.
Scary. i dont know what to say about this one. Creeepy doesnt cut it. But what a great photo!
As is this one.
so good, i wanna show it to ya TWICE!
M  with the 'Stare'
And they were good times.
Demonic! Noodle boy and his awesome Noodle Boy tattoo!
itcheeee. damn thing is itcheeeeee!
Ron Shootin Guns on my roof.
Baaad Aaasssss!

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