Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stalkers & Electric Shadows @ Lit - 2005

This is the Core 3. Josh Styles, Andy Animal, and me. We are the Stalkers. How does a Mod, a Bad Ass Biker Dude and a Hipster Punk get together and make some awesome music? I have no idea. We all love Doo-wop, Punk, garage, GG Allin and the Beach Boys. Anyway, this was us when we were cool. September 2005. Also, then next picture is the three of us having Man-ginas. if you wanna see it, just email me -

Animal, Eric Dolan and Josh Styles.


Gatland, me and Nick Storella. Bass Players United.
Electric Shadows rock it at Lit Lounge - downstairs
This is Tristan Lowery and his parents. This was the only show they ever went to. Nice people.

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