Friday, September 23, 2011

Electric Shadows Photoshoot at Andys House - 2005

Electric Shadows Photoshoot - October 15th 2005. Andy Apartment in Bushwick Brooklyn New York. He had a really nice loft space with plenty of room. Andy Curtain made art and had a kick ass motorcycle. Electric Shadows are (from Left to right) Aaron Lefkove - Bass Eric Dolan - Drums, Murat Akturk - Guitar, Lead Vox, Andy Curtain, Guitar - Rhythm and some lead.

Manly Shoes. Great taste too.
they were a damn good band!
Sometimes silly.


Cheers to that boys!

The necessities for having a photoshoot with 4 pretty cool dudes:
guitars, ashtrays, jack daniels, wine glasses, glass pipes, cigs. oh and Duck tape.

hope u liked em! can someone please comment on these? i feel like no-one is looking at these.

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