Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Electric Shadows @ Lit, Hangin out, The Nebulas at Asbury Lanes, Bowling, and Dita Von Teese - March 2006

March 2006 - Electric Shadows 
 Murat - Guitar and Vox, Eric Dolan - Drums and Back Vox, Brady Willis - Bass and Back Vox

 Josh and his friend.
 The incredible H2.  The Band Van.  1998 Ford Aerostar - LX!  That van went everywhere with the band.  i still miss driving that beast.  And i loved driving 18 people at a time in it.  you wanna talk about Gang Mentality?  Try going to ANY party with 18 heads.  18 Kick Ass Long Haired rocker heads!  sigh....
 N.  Maynard
 Lefty and Dolan
 Jake Mueser.
 Looks like Melissa Sceduto (spelling?) some girl that looks like my friend Gina and Kevin Wizzard
 Toni Toni Toni!!
 The Nebulas were Great that night!  what a fuckin great surf band!  I really wanted to be in a surf band ever since.
 Kim and Chris
 Kim Bowling
 More Nebulas!
 It was Rons turn
 Melissa at the Dita show
 Kim and Chris were there.
 This guy knows where the party is at.
 This was the Dita Von Teese show in some night club in midtown.  I forget how I found out about it, but Man and i glad i went.  She was terrific.  Great little performance.  Huuuuuge builup.  It was like seeing some great band you've been waiting to see For-Ever!  Anyway, Dita was great.  Champagne glass and all!
 Doing her striptease
 Dita with Feathers or whatever you call those things.
 Chris preshow
Kims ready to go

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