Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stalkers Hanging out and Recording with Mitch - March 2006

Stalkers know how to have a good time!  March 2006
 Josh Styles Hula Hooping.  I think this was at Betsys house and im pretty sure Charles Gaskins was living here at the time.
 Yanki and his Gat
 1965 Rockola Starlet!  Oh how i wish you would work again!
 Recording with Mitch Rackin at Tone Float Studios down in Chinatown.  Not there anymore.
 Styles Stylin'
 Writin Lyrics and discussin Rock and roll over some Malt Liquor and beer

 Tonto and Mitch listen back to the recordings
 ryan waggin his tongue while i read the paper.
The greatest city in the world!! NEW YORK CITY!!

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