Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Trip to the Dodge Assembly Factory in Belvidere IL - May 2012

My trip to Belvidere Illinois to see Dodge make the new 2013 Dodge Dart.  Me and my friend Matt from Philadelphia took my 1967 Dodge Dart to IL and also to Milwaukee WI.  On the first night, we saw some bands from Long Island.  The next day we went to GEMS - Georges Expert Motor Service.  The first thing they did was give me my 'T" that was missing from the drivers side Dart logo.  That was really great!  Then George and his sons proceeded to give me a new control arm and grease my bearings and adjust my carburator.   They really made my dart run like a dream.  They were Mopar guys and there were some other cars at their Garage.  Here is their Grandmothers Plymouth.  1968 i think.

 another plymouth
 El Darto on the Road
 Matt takes over for some Driving Duties
 Thats me!
 We had such a great time in Cleveland.  We went to Mahalls Bowling alley and they gave us a tour of the bowling pin machine in the back.  I've never seen the mechanics behinds the scenes work.  Twas great.  Then we drank some beers at their bar, talked to the owners, then passed out in the back in the Dart.

 The next day we went to the Rock and Roll Factory at 9am sharp!  We went in, saw some things then we decided to go eat.  Luckily, there was a Rib Contest underway a few blocks away.  I just HAD to go.
 Thats me with 2 Tickets to see a Beatles Cover band in Cleveland.  I won them at a local radio station booth.
 Yep.  I had some of that.

 After Cleveland, we drove to Belvidere IL, where we passed out in the parking lot of the Dart Factory.  We were gonna get some shuteye and wake up and go tour the factory.  Sooo exciting!  This Beast of a car was parked next to us.  someone actually drove that to work everyday.  amazing!
 Pretty cooool huh?
 Aaand thats the last shot we got of the Dart.  The security guard would not let us in.  He said they used to give tours but that they dont do it anymore.  I pleaded my case that i just drove 1200 miles to see the new dart and if i could just take a few photos or just look around, but it was to no avail.  He wouldn't let us in. So we hung around the factory - it was Huuuuuge!  Then we decided to leave but we worked on the car a bit in the lot.  The Security guard came up to us and said that some of the Dart drivers (they were testing them) were saying that we were following them and harassing them.  We were not.  This was the only photo i took of the new car.   and you know what, Fuck Dart.  Thats right, i was nice to Dodge and I always stood up for the efficient and economic new vehicles, but fuck that.  The new Dodge Dart stinks.  it looks like a stretched out Dodge Neon.  Small compact and undiscernable from any other small compact car.  Fuck Dodge.  fuck the new Dart!  Long live Dottie!  

 After the huge letdown that was the Dart factory, we drove up to Milwaukee Wisconsin where we toured the Miller Factory.  I highly recommend seeing it if you ever happen to drive up that way.  A tour of the historic building and factory which culminates in some free beer tasting.
 Some of the barrels where beer is made
 another vat
 Drivin back to NY

Long Live the Dart!  


  1. That was a very cool trip! Seeing lots of vintage beauties is definitely one of the recipes for a cool road trip – and that includes classy autos like Dodge Dart. And the great part is, you were able to get your car’s logo fixed.

  2. Nice pics. Found this while looking for what kinda truck that Miller one is. LOL